Cookie policy

We ask for your consent to the use of cookies when you first visit the website. Please note that you need to manage your cookie settings for each browser.

What are cookies and what information do they collect?

A cookie is a text file that is stored on your browser when you use a website. A cookie collects information about your visit to the site.

Some cookies are necessary, and the website needs them to function as intended. There are also cookies that collect information that Pauhu Ltd uses to analyze the use of the website, collect statistics and develop the pages and their content.

This information includes network requests made by the user, date and time of the requests, the IP address of the user’s terminal device and the type and language of the browser.

Cookies may also be placed on your browser by third parties whose content is embedded in our website.

Necessary cookies

Some cookies are necessary to ensure that the website functions properly. Necessary cookies are used, for example, for functionalities where the user makes selections.

Necessary cookies are stored automatically, without your separate consent, on your browser when you use the website. Necessary cookies are stored on your browser for up to one year.

Statistical cookies used to collect user and analytical information

These cookies collect information about the use of our website to help us to gain better understanding. We improve the site based on this information.

We request your consent for the use of statistical cookies when you arrive on the site.

Statistical cookies collect for example the following information:

  • number of visitors on the site and on a certain page
  • the terminal device used to access the site
  • the user’s IP address
  • the source from where users accessed the site (a search engine, a direct link, etc.)
  • how long the visit to the website lasts.

We use Google Analytics software to monitor the visitor statistics on the site.
Pauhu Ltd uses the information collected by these cookies to analyze the use of the site and for statistical purposes. This information is in a format that cannot be linked to a specific person. In addition, Pauhu Oy does not have access to the IP address information collected by the cookies.

Please note that the cookies related to Google’s visitor tracking collect information that may be disclosed to Google. Google processes the received information in accordance with its own terms and conditions. More information can be found on the Google website. Read about how Google uses cookies.

Depending on the type of cookie, the cookies are stored on your browser for the duration of the visit or for up to two years.

Third-party applications

Some pages of the use third-party applications to display content. These include, for example, embedded content. In connection with a page download, these applications can place cookies on the user’s browser that share information with third parties.

The terms and conditions of use of the third party are applied to third-party applications.

Pauhu Ltd accumulates statistical data on the visitors to develop the website. This data consists of, for example, visitor amounts, times, most popular pages and browser and operating systems. The data is not individualized in the statistics and not made available to a third party.

Visitor data is collected in the online service as part of the monitoring of the implementation of the regulation establishing a single digital gateway (EU) 2018/1724. In addition to the page URL, the pages connected to the digital gateway collect the number of visitors, their country, and the terminal device used. The data are collected anonymously and cannot be used to identify the user. The data will only be available to the European Commission, national coordinators mentioned in the regulation and the OSH Administration. The data collected are stored in the EU Commission’s repository for a maximum period of three years, after which they are automatically deleted.



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